Remote start JMeter for Performance test

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Remote start JMeter for Performance test Empty Remote start JMeter for Performance test

Post  testerA on Tue Mar 19, 2013 12:41 am

I have two different type of test, One for Qualification (on 3 machines) and Others for Orders (on 2 machines)
How do I remotely start JMeter on these 5 different remote machine?
Is there a batch file or script I could us to start the test remotely

I use the commands listed here to start the test, can I start Jmeter in a more efficient manner

Your help is appreciated.

e.g of the command line I use.

c:\apache-jmeter-2.9\bin\jmeter -n -t C:\JMeter-Scripts\DC_Scr
ipts\DC_6_4\Digital_Commerce_6_4_Quals.jmx -JgroupATT_Qual.threads =17 -JgroupVe
r_Qual.threads=0 -JgroupAT_Qual.threads=10 -JgroupClear_Qual.threads=17 -Jgroup
Comcast_Qual.threads=16 -JgroupDish_Qual.threads=16 -JgroupElink_Qual.threads=1
6 -JgroupPOMS_Qual.threads=0 -JgroupTWC_Qual.threads=16 -JgroupHugh_Qual.threads
=0 -J groupQwest_Qual.threads=0 -JgroupSimplexity_Qual.threads=0 -JRampUp=300
-JThGroup.Start_Time=2013/03/18 -JThGroup.End_Time=2013/03/19 -l


C:\JMeter-Scripts>c:\apache-jmeter-2.9\bin\jmeter -n -t C:\JMeter-Scripts\DC_Scr
ipts\DC_6_4\Digital_Commerce_6_4_Orders.jmx -JgroupATT_Order.threads=27 -JgroupV
er_Order.threads=0 -JgroupAT_Order.threads=0 -JgroupClear_Order.threads=27 -Jgro
upComcast_Order.threads=27 -JgroupDish_Order.thread=0 -JgroupElink_Order.threads
=0 -JgroupPOMS_Order.threads=0 -JgroupTWC_Order.threads=27 -JgroupHugh_Order.thr
eads =0 -JgroupQwest_Order.threads=0 -JgroupSimplexity_Order.threads=0 -JRampUp=
300 -JThGroup.Start_Time=2013/03/18 -JThGroup.End_Time=2013/03/19 -l C:\JMeter-S


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